ccentuate many of your features by using makeup


There are ways to accentuate many of your features by using makeup that is carefully applied to emphasize the cheekbones. The careful application of bronzers, shading, and highlighted area s can really work to your advantage to accentuate your natural beauty, including your cheekbones. However, you may want a more permanent solution than this.


Gum chewing is also beneficial since this exercises the muscles of the face and further helps to define your fac ial features including your cheekbones. Of course, not everybody wants to chew gum so this is not a viable option for many women and it may not give the desired result.

It is also important to realize tha t over time a woman may gain weight which makes the face appear fuller and cheekbones become less well-defined. In these cases, it is also useful to lose weight so that your facial features become more prominent. However, as women age, they also experience sagging of the skin which can also change the appearance of the face so that the distinct cheekbones they once had, are no longer evident.


For a solution that lasts about a year, a woman can look into getting dermal fillers. This usually entails getting an injection of a special gel that consists of the substance hyaluronic acid. This is a natural material that is injected into the face to create definition by adding volume to certain parts of the face.

The problem with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that this is only a temporary solution though it does help to lift parts of the face that may be sagging. As people age, regions of the face become wrinkled and skin does tend to sag over time.


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